Chris Long

Christopher Long serves as President and CEO of the Center for Public Policy Innovation (CPPI). Mr. Long brings years of experience in building successful models of collaboration between industry, government, academic and civic sector stakeholders.

In addition to his work with CPPI, Mr. Long is President and CEO of Washington Resource Associates (WRA). Founded over 15 years ago, WRA is a leading public affairs consulting firm specializing in strategy and planning, public policy education, communications, and collaboration between industry, government, and the civic sector.

A longtime Virginia resident, Mr. Long is a trusted adviser to many senior federal and state officials on matters related to technology policy and homeland defense.

A visionary in building successful and innovative partnerships and coalitions, Mr. Long founded the Digital Dialogue Forum, a public-private partnership between world-leading technology companies and senior federal decision makers. He also founded the highly acclaimed Homeland Security Dialogue Forum, which promotes meaningful collaboration between the public and private sectors to address critical homeland security issues.

For more than a decade, Mr. Long has worked with public officials and community-based organizations across the country to unleash the power of technology to deliver free online tax assistance to millions of lower and moderate income Americans. In the process, Mr. Long created a powerful nation-wide grassroots network and helped develop innovative, strategic approaches to corporate philanthropy.