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How Hackers Unlocked OPM Systems and 6 Other Things We Learned From the Breach (Nextgov)

Office of Personnel Management chief Katherine Archuleta wants you to know she is mad about the breach of personal identification data and background investigations on millions of federal employees. Just don’t blame OPM, she said. The hack at Archuleta’s agency is not the fault of computer security staff or a contractor who lost key login data, she testified today.    Read more.

The Internet's Next Big Idea: Connecting People, Information, and Things (nist.gov)

In the early 1990s, a Web page consisted of crude, rainbow-colored, text-filled boxes that “hyperlinked” to more text. Today, your Internet-enabled smartphone not only gives you access to libraries’ worth of information, but also helps you navigate the physical world.Cyber-physical systems, also called the Internet of Things, are the next big advance for our use of the web. They allow complex systems of feedback and control that can help a robot coordinate with a dog or human in a search-and-rescue operation or help health care providers evaluate the recovery of patients after they leave the hospital.   Image by Xtravagant - Fotolia.com    Read more.

Mark J. Terrill/AP File Photo

House Panel Dents Budget for Cyber Tool That Scoped out OPM Breaches (Nextgov)

July 31, 2015

A House committee has slightly undercut a White House budget request for Department of Homeland Security network surveillance technology integral to post-megahack cleanup.

Citing the cost of President Barack Obama's proposed pay raises and concerns about contracting for the tool, lawmakers passed a $474 million measure to fund EINSTEIN -- a roughly $5 million dent from the request

Leidos Wins Massive Pentagon Health Care Records Contract
July 30, 2015
(Next Gov) - The Pentagon today awarded its years-in-the-making multibillion contract to upgrade its electronic health records system, to defense IT firm Leidos, which partnered with ...

House Talks 'Internet of Things,' Data Privacy
July 30, 2015
(Next Gov) - The Internet of Things could be more dangerous than consumers think when they install Nest thermostats or other convenient digital devices, some members of Congress argue...

A Laptop-Sized Solar Panel Is Lighting Rural Africa
July 28, 2015
(Bloomberg) - ...

The Plan to Beam the Web to 3 Billion Unconnected Humans
July 27, 2015
(Wired) - One of the best things about the web is that it’s interactive. You communicate with friends and family, publish your own site, and leave comments on other people’s work. ...

Clinton, Trump, Cruz make biggest splashes on Facebook
July 27, 2015
(The Hill) - The presidential campaign announcements of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D), Donald Trump (R), and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) made the biggest splashes on Faceb...

Patent reform defectors emerge in House
July 27, 2015
(The Hill) - The House Judiciary Committee's lopsided approval of patent reform legislation last month would not have looked as overwhelming if every member showed up. ...

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